Activating Exponential Abundance with Joy & Ease


How Do I Create the Future I DO want?

Where have you been putting your powerful attention? Has it been on what you don't want? Time to start putting that attention on what you DO want!

The Journey


Money Life Freedom Weekend Experience

It doesn't matter where you begin, like dominoes, that first push starts a chain reaction that affects all areas of your life. Taking the first step is up to you; then we guide you, at your speed with love, compassion, discovery and joy.


Individual Consulting

You begin your personal happiness course by starting with individual consulting. Your abundance training begins the first time we meet. Limiting beliefs will be replaced with a new path you never knew existed.


40 Day Action Plan

Our greatest satisfaction is for you to get results. Included in the weekend experience is a 40 day action plan. Your results are in direct correlation to the actions you take. You feel incredibly supported because you are, long after the course is over. You'll experience guided, group support to fortify the tools you discovered during your weekend.

Affirmations Aren't Working-So Stop it

If you have been practicing the Law of Attraction and those affirmations don't seem to be working- watch this video to understand why; and do something different.