Activating Exponential Abundance with Joy & Ease


CeCe took advantage of the individual consulting session that she had before the Money Life Freedom Weekend Experience. Notice the results she had before she even took the course. Take action, so you too can start your happiness course and abundance training immediately! 


Your Personal Passion Test; Two session 1-0n-1

January Special, It's 2020 spread the love. 2 for 1

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When is the last time you checked in with yourself to see if you are living your ideal life? Do you jump out of bed, excited to see what your adventure will be? Would you like to? Go 1st class in discovering your passions. Give yourself the best gift your could give AND for January, get an additional Passion Test to give to someone you love. Better than New Year's Resolutions...take action in living THAT life! 


Individual Consulting

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Give yourself the gift of immediate results. You can begin your discovery and clearing of limiting beliefs without signing up for the Money Life Freedom Weekend Experience.  After your sessions, you will want to sign up for the weekend, and this payment then becomes your deposit. 


Money Life Freedom Weekend Experience

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A unique, deep dive weekend to enhance and discover the real you. As you get reconnected to who you really are and what your unique contribution is you will experience more joy at home, at work and at play. The increase of joy will attract more opportunities to contribute fully, which attracts the abundance you deserve. The Freedom = allows you to choose life on your terms; Life = is living it to the fullest with joy and satisfaction; Money = is attracted to you by your new attitude about your value and purpose.