Activating Exponential Abundance with Joy & Ease

What to Expect

Our Experience


After 28 years in the industry of professional and personal growth, we decided to pinpoint the areas most needed; our relationship with money and our relationships with people. Believe it or not, they are  totally connected. Now in one weekend, you'll receive abundance training and a happiness course. 

We start by illuminating the beliefs that limit and block you. Once light is shined on them, like shadows in the dark, those limiting beliefs begin to disappear. Then creation and alignment of new money beliefs & personal value beliefs will replace them. Our weekend process is designed to empower you to bust out of those old beliefs, and begin the process of discovering who you really are.

Talk to us today about how we can support your growth and put you on the path to new beginnings.

Our Approach


Our unique, hands-on approach begins with an in-depth, consultation to identify your current beliefs, challenges, and missed opportunities. Expect a deep dive into any belief that has been limiting or blocking you for way too long. We make complex, concepts simple and easy to incorporate into life's everyday situations. We have been guiding individuals and teams in creating extraordinary abundance in all areas; relationships, wealth, love, knowledge, business, and most importantly- in living life to the fullest! 

Intellectually, we know that abundance training is about more than just money. Unfortunately, most of us have not been able to create the life we want. First, because many don't even know what they want. They have spent way more time and energy focusing on what they don't want. Then if we got lucky enough to create it, most don't know how to replicate it.

Because we begin with an individual, comprehensive  consultation; insights and learning begin at first contact. They are then accelerated during the weekend experience; and continue well beyond the end of the weekend. We stick with you, guiding you, at least 40 days after your weekend experience; ensuring that your learning is permanente. 

Why Us?


We are guided by these principle and values: 

 "Activating Exponential Abundance with Joy & Ease"  is our Unique Contribution- our WHY.

Our Company Passions are:  

1) Talking the talk AND walking the walk/Being Audaciously Authentic   

2) Guiding millions to create extraordinary abundance in all areas  

3) Working and playing with an inspired, joyful, abundant team   

4) Making complex concepts simple to grasp  

5) Coming from our hearts- filled with love, passion and beauty  

6) Leveraging sexy systems and powerful processes.  

7) Guiding individuals to reconnect to their highest purpose

If you resonate with our Values and feel like you might be our ideal client- TAKE ACTION! Call or email...We didn't get here alone. And neither should you. We are here to be your guides to an extraordinary life- full of Money and Life Freedom!