Activating Exponential Abundance with Joy & Ease

The Benefits of Doing What You Love.

What would your life look like and feel like if you were doing what you love? How can you monetize doing what you love, every single day?

Frquently Asked Questions


The next MLF Weekend Experience is too far in the future and I want to get started right away; how can I get started NOW?

We want you to begin your learning IMMEDIATELY! If you are taking action now, you should get the benefits now. Our comprehensive, in-take consultation will jump start your learning and your personal shifts will begin as soon as you register.  


I don't have time for an entire weekend; don't you have an effective online program?

This experiential course has many exercises that you must be present for. The difference between intellectual learning, which is only a concept, and experiential learning, which is understanding through doing; gives you the opportunity to grasp concepts and use them in your life. Similar to studying diligently how to ride a bike and actually feeling the exhilaration of riding a bike. 


I want to do this amazing course, but I don't have the money, what can I do?

We realize that many people are here because they lack resources and need money. With a partial payment, you will begin your individual consulting program. As you shift your beliefs, so will your ability to create income. You will be excited and happy to pay the balance for the continuation of discovery at your weekend experience. 

Are Your Decisions Based on Love or Fear?

Is FEAR one of your motivators in life? Are you making decisions based on a fear mechanism that scares the heck out of you to make you take action? Does the fear of missing out make you choose? Freedom to choose from a place of love feels so much better and is a more joyful way to live.